Getting married is plagued with decades of tradition and culture telling you how to do it, so I’m presenting a different way, the rebel’s way, this is The Rebel’s Guide To Getting Married! My name is Josh, I’m a celebrant, I live on the Gold Coast and don’t know the best way to write bios for podcasts.

The Rebel’s Guide To Getting Married is a podcast and vlog by me and sometimes featuring my friends and couples. We just want you to have a personal and fun wedding. If you’re not into weddings that matter, getting married with purpose, and having a lot of fun along the way, we might not be the right crowd for you.

Listen right now, or subscribe for free on Apple devices, Android phones, on Spotify, in Anchor, other apps, or through your email, and you can watch the vlog by subscribing to my YouTube channel. If you’ve gotten this far in the click game, there’s also a Facebook page and Instagram account begging for your approval.

Finally, there’s a few businesses behind this free podcast and vlog. I’m a celebrant and I travel the globe making awesome wedding ceremonies. My wife Britt and I also run The Elopement Collective where we create the most epic and special elopements everywhere from Iceland to Ipswich, although not so much in Ipswich. Finally, if you’re a celebrant looking for some help and inspiration, check out the Celebrant Institute.

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